Dream flower world, [Serayurien]

One of the famous tourist spots is [Serayurien] in SERA Highlands, Hiroshima. We are cultivating and selling lily.

Held content

April 8th - End of May
3,000,000 viola flowers festival
Middle of April - End of May
100,000 Spring lily ・ 100variety
June 10th - Beginning of July
300,000 early summer lily ・ 50variety

Different types of fragrant flowers await you with a combination of harmonious orchestra.

Known as a dream flower world, "Serayurien", is the largest lily garden. Approximately 7 hectares of a vast hill with all-weather type facility. You can experience flower picking, flower cutting and checking each flower bulb in the shop for planting. Happy to have you here for spending wonderful time with the elegant scent of lily and combined with lovely flowers which complement the plateau.

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